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This image shows participants in one of the recent coaching certification courses, waving and energised, becoming new certified coaches


Passionate about inspiring others.

There is always Room for Growth.


According to an international commercial magazine "Growthroom is one of the most interesting Leadership Development Training and Coaching companies in Europe." 


We are a team of passionate and internationally experienced professionals

who strive for building a new era of delivering inspiring and impactful learning and growth experiences. 

Our story began in 2012 when Growthroom was founded among the first

impact enterprises in Finland with the mission to maximize the good in the world

- for our customers, employees, business partners and the public at large.

Today we have carved a niche in the leadership and personal development arena and offer coaching and training services to individuals and organizations through a team specialized in coaching, education, and training.


We are a trusted partner among clients who seek new perspectives and dare boldly to experience new and inspirational ways of doing business. Together with our partners we form a network of Growth Agents providing some unparalleled solutions and services in this space. 



Shall we work together to create new possibilities for you to influence, gain better leadership and improved activity towards results?

Our Values 

Making a difference 

We want to make a difference in the world with the work we do. In order to do so, we are committed to being daring 

in our actions and challenged in our field of work. 

Our Mission

Igniting passion for growth. 


Growthroom is a community of change agents, igniting 

humanity’s passion for 

growth. We believe in the power of the inner game and the difference all of us can make in our lives and those around us.  

Growthroom is much more than just our core team.
Get to know some of our partners in growth!

What people say about us

John Swallow

Manager, Learning and Development

This is a great organization providing highly interactive and engaging courses. I love the fact that they maintain their course fees at an accessible level for everyone and still put 100% into every minute. Actually they are not just courses... they are life experiences.

Anna Lönnroth

Course participant 2017

This [International Coaching Certification] course literally changed my life! Without the inspirational training from Aksu and Pauliina, I would not be here! I am now more than satisfied with my life. So, I highly recommend this course but I also warn you: be prepared, your life might change in most drastic way!

Tommi Pollari

Course participant 2016

If you have ever been interested in developing yourself, understanding yourself or helping others to help themselves, this is worth every penny. World-class trainers teaching you the skills to coach yourself and others is valuable whether in relationships or at the work place. Big thumbs up!

I want to thank you for the course days. A few days later I still feel inspired and thinking a lot about what I learned. I even planned a presentation for the team in my new store!

Training participant


Pathway program 2018

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