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Anna-Riikka Hautala

Coach, Trainer, MA

Anna-Riikka is Growthroom’s Master Coach, trainer, editor and service designer. She is mainly responsible for the coaching workshops and the marketing and practicalities of the International Coaching Certification courses.

Anna-Riikka is a freelance coach and a teacher. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and through different roles of a team leader and a project leader she found her passion in coaching in 2012. Since then Anna-Riikka has worked as a life coach and helped hundreds of people reach their dreams both professionally and personally. Her coachees say she is a creative, daring and empathetic coach. She is also a pro in training and facilitating groups! In addition to her managerial positions she has years of international experience in facilitation and training. You can probably recognize her from her broad smile and laughter. In her free time she loves being outdoors and creative - whether it is a hike in the mountains, snowboarding in the wild nature, walking in the forest, yoga on a porch or swimming in the lake.

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+358 (0) 45 675 3241

More about me



Coach, Consultant, M.Sci, M.A

Aino Elina is Growthroom team’s sparring partner who looks at things from a systemic perspective and is constantly exploring new ideas and development opportunities.  She coaches clients into being true change makers of their own life, work, and even the wider society. Aino Elina is responsible for Growthroom Impact - coaching services for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and public sector organizations. 

"My mission is to support explorations towards new perspectives and breakthroughs."

More about me

I am a visionary impact business development specialist and an inspirational coach. I have a comprehensive background from media-, training-, and consulting industries as well as social innovation research and development projects. As a coach I guide my clients with a gentle but powerful touch towards deeper levels of insight, better decisions and more impactful actions. Clients praise me from my clarifying and inspiring ways of working. As a coach I am enchanted especially by how the smallest steps can lead to large sprints of growth. In my freetime I can be found reading, doing yoga, snowboarding, or walking in nature.

What makes you light up?

Movement, connections and seeing positive changes happening in the world! Spending time in nature and witnessing the beautiful cycles of life makes my heart sing.  I get inspired by creators and founders of all kinds - people who step boldly towards their dreams and  create something unseen, un-heard-of, unlikely.  And I'm fascinated by insightful conversations, and those silly little moments in which your whole body is in tears from laughter! 

How would you describe yourself as a coach?

I'm very supportive and firm as a coach. At times quite playful, too. I hold space for my clients to really open up and dive deep, because in my experience that's where the most profound, even transformational, results are achieved.  I love to work with my clients' energy and potential, helping them to find and use their strengths, talents and resources to create something they've (consciously or unconsciously) longed for but didn't manage to achieve yet. I work a lot with values, beliefs and identities - helping my clients recognize what's keeping them from achieving their dreams and what's driving them forward. How they can find more space in their own life, and make more choices towards being who they want to be, doing things they want to do. I love to see people align their thinking, capabilities and behavior with these more fundamental levels of their being so that they are better equipped to really live their life to the fullest in the long run. 


I've experienced a lot in my life and grown my own roots strong, so there's nothing really that could be brought into the coaching discussion that would scare or shake me as a coach. Deep working does not of course mean that it has to be very serious - actually, it's almost the contrary!  The deeper we go, the more playfulness and lightness gets in. In addition to professionalism of the coaching questions, I'm using Transformational Presence Coaching, NLP and Systemic Constellation tools and different types of body-mind and creative exercises in my work - if and when it's suitable for the client's needs. Exploration and imagination are our companions while we step towards concrete results! 

What do colleagues say about Aino Elina?


Aino Elina is a true professional with the capability to get to the core of things, not afraid of facing challenges, and at the same time bringing humor and lightness to the room. She has a great skill to go deeper and to reflect on the intuitive and emotional aspects of things. She is genuine AND pure power!

What is it like to work with me?

Come as you are!  I will support, challenge and inspire you to take steps towards a more connected, empowered and impactful you from there.  In case you'd like to experience the power of nature with a coach, explore my natural coaching option AIStep Coaching


Read below what my clients have said about working with me. 

Kind words from my clients


Senior Advisor

Aino Elina is a true professional. During our coaching sessions she gave me the tools to identify my values and goals, and to start reaching them, step-by-step. She had great exercises and asked the right questions to get me to find solutions. I am very happy with the coaching process and the results.


Change and Leadership Consultant 

As a coach Aino Elina brings together her capacity to connect warmheartedly and come to the core of matters. What I value in Aino Elina's coaching style is that I felt safe to show my vulnerability in her skilled and wise presence, while her presence doesn't take up unnecessary 'space'. Aino Elina has shown me the power of the relationship space, the space between people and the potential of that space when approaching dilemma's from that perspective. Thanks to Aino Elina's coaching I was able to make valuable shifts in both work-related topics and my personal life.


HR Generalist

I was in a  place in my professional life where I felt stuck and unmotivated, but ready for a change. I went into the coaching process with an open mind without knowing where exactly it would lead. I felt very safe,  comfortable and at ease working with Aino Elina. She led me to questions which I hadn't considered myself, and through the coaching process a new more positive and optimistic way of thinking emerged. I am still on my journey and excited to see where it will eventually lead me, and I now feel confident and able to achieve my dreams. 

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+358 (0) 400 164 323

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