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For when you want to support your key people to develop themselves, their leadership and their impact.


We help organizations and their key players (ranging from top management and experts to employees) become outstanding leaders.

Working in increasingly self-driven environments, professionals on all levels are required to develop and take ownership of their self-leadership and leadership skills.

We partner with our clients to enable their leaders and professionals to recognize the full potential of their team members and to create an environment where they are not afraid to challenge and support each other to perform better:

  • Coaching skills training introduces participants to hands-on coaching and interaction models that are easy to remember and to use in any context. Participants understand the key principles of coaching, adopt a coaching mindset and take steps to apply it in their everyday life.

  • Coaching certification training brings the participants’ understanding and coaching skills to the next level, either through participating in our open coaching certification course or through tailor-made in-house certification training (see International Coaching Certification course (add internal link to page 8) for more information).

  • Tailored leadership and communication training digs into topics that your key people need in order to interact at their best: e.g., working with feedback, challenging conversations, presentation skills and mentoring/advising skills.

Are you dreaming of an organization where leaders and professionals recognize the full potential of their team members? Where people have empowering conversations with each other and where they are not afraid to challenge and support each other to perform better?


Here lies the power of coaching leadership and a coaching culture. We know this first-hand through delivering coaching trainings to professionals and leaders in several different fields. As a great example of this is the three-day coaching and communication training  we deliver for future partners at Specsavers, as part of a leadership development program called Partner in Development. 

As we see it, coaching skills are not only a plus but almost a requirement in today’s dynamic and quickly developing world.

Based on our open coaching certification courses and the big demand there is for bringing these skills into organizations and teams, we have tailored coaching and communication training programs for big and small organizations. During the training days we dig deeper in topics like:

  • coaching leadership

  • agile coaching

  • challenging conversations

  • presentation skills

  • training and facilitation skills

  • mentoring

All of this is based on the target audience and your organization's needs.

Indicative pricing:

Coaching skills training: from 0,5 day to 3 days

  • Coaching certification training: priced according to number of participants

  • Leadership and communication training: from 0,5 day to 2 days

Price guide: €3,500/day, €750/hour (for max. 20 people)

Would you like to know more?
Have a look at what our customers have to say and contact us.

Course participant

Specsavers Pathway training

program 2018

I want to thank you for the course days. A few days later I still feel inspired and thinking a lot about what I learned. I even planned a presentation for the team in my new store!

Kira Anttila

HR Specialist, RD Velho

An engineer-focused group of leaders listened to the presenters and the subject with interest, and several different exercises helped them in their learning. I can warmly recommend a similar training and these trainers to anyone who wants to improve themselves and their organization.

Mark Parr,

Senior Learning and Development Manager Northern Europe, Specsavers

Pauliina delivered a high quality, professional and engaging event that suited our needs around day-to-day business coaching and delivery of coaching training with other business leaders.

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