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Looking for a career change?

Working at the same job for many years, all seems good, but somehow, you are not excited about going to work anymore, is it time to change to a new company? Even a new field? Is it too risky though? Finding the right job isn't easy – staying motivated when you receive so many rejections every day - who even reads your applications? - You know you have the skills and strengths for the jobs that you’re applying for, so what are you doing wrong? How can we help? A Career coach will help you navigate your career change path. We will guide you to a clearer understanding of your strengths, your values and your career goals, and develop your career purpose, your "north star" to help guide your career decisions. We will then guide you through a winning strategy for your job search to help you stay motivated throughout what is, essentially a long process. Find out more

Getting your life in balance?

Life consists of many different dimensions, like loved ones, work, hobbies, finances etc. Do you feel you have the right balance in your life, or does it feel like one or two life aspects are getting all your focus and attention and that’s starting to affect your overall wellbeing? Are you taking care of yourself? Taking time to recover from the everyday stress you go through? Do you feel like most of the time you enjoy your life or are you tired after workdays and work weeks, feeling too tired to exercise or do the other things you know you “should” do? When your life is “in balance” you live according to your values, your life purpose. You feel happy, fulfilled, energised and connected to your valued friends and family. You get things done and develop positive habits and rituals. How can we help? Life Balance coaching can support you with a framework and process to evaluate your life, discover growth opportunities and take steps to bring your life into balance. We will help you to assess your life, identify the changes you’d like to make, develop and manage strategies to make these changes and support your day-to-day activities to develop routines that bring your life into balance. Your life balance coach becomes your thinking partner, allowing you the freedom to explore and plan an empowered life! Find out more

Getting your personal finances in shape?

We all spend money buying food, clothes etc., we all have income from work or some other source, we all live in a world where money playing a big role in our lives. Yet personal finance was not taught at school, we don’t want to talk about it, and we don’t pay enough attention to this all-important area of our lives. No wonder many of us hard working honest people, are struggling with money, worried about money, living from pay-check to pay-check. Even career-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who bring in the big bucks could be facing tons of stress in managing money and creating wealth. As income is only one component of many in personal finance. How can we help? A financial coach will “meet you” where you are financially and help you to move towards a better financial future. We will help you to fully understand your current financial status, your mindset around money, set clear financial goals, develop a wealth strategy to achieve your goals, be it paying back loans, buying your first house, not worrying about money, achieving financial security, or ultimately achieving financial freedom. With the support of a financial coach who has walked the journey to financial freedom, you will have a clear path moving forward into a better financial status. As a by-product, you will become more confident and powerful. All in all, this will give you a solid foundation for a happy and fulfilling life. Find out more

Do you need an "inner workout"?

Do you feel like you’ve been so focused on the external world, the people around you and the surroundings of life – that you notice yourself being unsure of what it is that you actually want in your career or in other aspects of your life? And even if you have hints of the things you want, constant overthinking, evaluating yourself and others and self-judgement gets in your way of achieving what you want.Or you just might be afraid. There may be a lot of mental clutter preventing you from hearing your own thoughts and frankly, you’re a bit scared to even stop and listen to yourself. H ow can we help? An Inner workout routine means paying attention and cultivating your inner life to match your external life and circumstances. You can begin the inner workout by paying attention to your dreams, keeping a journal, meditation, painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, making music… Once you have an idea of what you want; you need a strong foundation to build everything on. A major part of the inner workout is to master the art of relaxed concentration and reap the benefits of the process. Your coach will be there to support you on planning and fulfilling your tailored inner-workout routine. We will help you in establishing habits and time management skills that will help you in putting yourself first and working towards your goal. Find out more

Want to develop your strength as a leader?

For you who want to aim higher and hold higher standards for yourself and others. You believe you have what it takes to lead your people towards a better future, you just need support and a sparring partner to make it happen. To voice out some of your insecurities, doubts, expectations, dreams and wishes you have for yourself and others. Who do you want to be in the process of taking other people to a success? We know it can be lonely at the top. Research has shown that every leader can benefits from a coach and we support that view. How can we help? Your coach is your thought-partner, someone who will hold you accountable for your own growth. Your coach offers you a mirror to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, challenging your thinking and offering you new perspectives and point of views. Not only will you a better leader to others, but you will feel fulfilled and content with your life. Find out more

Searching for your life purpose?

Are you at a pivot point in your life? What would you do if you had one year left on this earth? What can you do to create a positive future for yourself and your family, your society, the planet? What is your purpose in life? What gets you out of bed each day? But what happens if our focus is blurred? If we don’t know what we truly need? If we don’t know our Life Purpose? Or we know it but don’t know how to follow it? How can we help? Life purpose coaching can help you find your purpose in life, your North Star, that can guide your life choices. Your Life Purpose coach will be your “thinking partner” to help you, not only in finding your Life Purpose but then to help guide your life journey to live according to that purpose. We will lead you through a process to find, validate and tune your purpose in life, built from your values, strengths, skills and stories. We will support you in planning for a life in balance with this life purpose and guide your journey to live that life, helping you find passion and perseverance with a focus on living for purpose. Find out more

Business Services: for when you need more than just training and want the results to last?

Your business is in a state of contiunuous change and growth. Your teams and individuals need training and coaching services that are both impactful and sustainable. Somehow conventional training services are simply no loinger enough on their own. You need something more! How we can help We help you identify your coaching or training needs and define concrete outcomes in order to deliver a tailored solution to you. The most sustainable changes happen as a result of continuous effort and practice, where the learned topics become a part of everyday being and doing. Our core team together with our broad partner network are used to adapting and creating services through combining powerful methods that generate the best learning results. We deliver impactful services to develop yourself, your team and your organization, configured and adapted to suit your unique growth challenges and needs.

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