Grow as a team.

Supporting teams through growth experiences

For when developing individuals in a complex and systemic world is not enough. We coach all kinds of teams to perform better and organize engaging and exciting events for up to several hundred people.

The business world is getting increasingly organized in teams, which means that many recurring issues in working can only be effectively solved at a team level. We support teams in collaborating and performing effectively by addressing what matters to them most.

Looking around you, what does your team need right now?

Do you need a boost in your spirit through an engaging and exciting team day somewhere in the open, or do you need to dig deeper into who you are as a team and work on your cooperation, mission, objectives and strategy to begin with? 

  • Team coaching is a process where the team regularly pauses - assisted by one or two certified team coaches - totackle topics related to its functioning in order to move forward towards its goals.

  • Team facilitation addresses specific topics such as the team’s vision, purpose and team building and is a great way to boost the team’s performance and motivation to the next level.

  • Tailor-made team events can bring even bigger groups of teams together to engage in activities that promote a good team spirit, build trust and develop active participation in organizational change.

Team events

Experience something different together with your team!

Our Growth Agents have helped teams to spend team days and events in new and engaging ways already for years. In case you are looking for new energy, new perspectives or a new direction for your team, our dedicated and skilled team of facilitators and trainers will help you in organizing an uplifting session or event according to your needs and objectives. You can be sure that creating powerful interaction and functional group dynamic does not get overlooked in these sessions!


Here are a few examples of highly interactive sessions we have created and delivered so far: 

  • Finding meaningfulness in the work of a teacher - facilitated workshop

  • Integrating new team members in a sales team - facilitated session during team day

  • Beginning the year powerfully: teaming up between several independent teams at a healthcare facility - facilitated workshop

  • Amazing Race in the Helsinki city area for the personnel of a business department (over 140 people) - facilitated event

Team development

Do you dare to dream what your team could accomplish if each and every team member would be heard and understood, have clear personal and common goals in mind, and focus in their own and team activities? 


We grow your team’s possibilities to clearer focus and better results through tailored team coaching and training that can be provided to an individual team or an entire organisation.


...reality check: 

  • Do we have a vision of what kind of a team we want to be  - and tools for stepping towards that vision?

  • How do we recognize and understand the similarities and differences between the team members and learn to work together more efficiently? 

  • Are we aware of our own and our team members’ strengths, and are we able to make use of those strengths in everyday situations? 

  • Do we have tools to understand and fix conflicts that are straining teamwork? 

  • Do we know efficient and concrete techniques and tools for listening and communicating? 


  • Identifying the real challenges and needs

  • Defining objectives: what does success look like?

  • What are the costs if nothing is done?

  • Tailoring the team's journey


  • Identifying the real challenges and needs

  • Defining objectives: what does success look like?

  • What are the costs if nothing is done?


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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