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Welcome to GrowthLab

The place where meaningful experiments happen. 

Living the growth mindset

GrowthLab is a creative laboratory designed to experiment, learn and to co-create together for all of us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.


GrowthLab presents a new workshop every month on a variety of topics that support your growth. These workshops are facilitated by us and our network of coaches, facilitators and growth agents. 


The idea was born out of our curiosity to experiment with new methods in the coaching and training field. In GrowthLab we aim to generate any kind of growth (that is sustainable). 

In accordance with our values, we are committed to making each workshop impactful and engaging and based on the feedback it works. 


Check out our next events and join:

No upcoming events at the moment

What our participants say:

GrowthLab is an interesting concept for sharing. It feels that in this concept the coach can really reflect (out loud) their own reflections as well, and to provide valuable learnings for the group. So for the client it's two things at the same time: 1) reflecting your own situation, as guided by the coach, 2) learning from the coaches learning. So this is a perfect workshop style for a group of coaches learning from each other! Thank you for a great session!

The Pizza of Life workshop made it very visible what is working and what's not in my life. I also discovered the inter-connectedness of different slices, which ws an epiphany. Thank you!

Growthroom always knows how to trigger me and get answers out of me. This short workshop was such an example, got into my core values very clearly.

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