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More about me



Coach, Serial entrepreneur

Juni Yao is a life and business coach and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience from the business world. She is our power house and has the inspiring ability to make things happen. 


With a multicultural and multilingual education background, Juni coaches clients from all over the world, in both English and Chinese. 


My mission is to empower people to become deliberate creators of their own life in a playful, fun and easy way.

+358 (0) 400188880

More about me

Juni Yao is a life and business coach and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience from the business world. I found my passion in coaching in 2015, as a client. After experience coaching first-hand, I was astonished by the power of coaching, how much it helped me in my personal growth. I was curious about becoming a coach myself, the seed was planted in my heart. Years later, after building, running and selling two companies and with a solid financial foundation for freedom, here I am, coaching clients full time. I coach people on various topics such as entrepreneurship, starting your business, successfully running your business, leadership, dealing with major changes in life, designing your life, financial freedom - all in all, how to create the magical life that you desire. 

In my free time I love salsa dancing, oil painting and practising taiji in the park. I also enjoy walking in the forest right outside my house almost every day. 

What makes you light up?

An authentic interaction and deep connection between people really lights me up. As well as an ‘ahaa’ moment, either in me or my clients, where learning happens, and new possibilities open up, these moments are so precious and beautiful. 


How would you describe yourself as a coach?

​As a coach, I am a partner to you, my client. I am here to focus on you and serve you. I believe you have all the resources within you. My job as a coach is to provide a safe and nourishing space where you can reflect, discover, gain clarity and grow. I have many tools and frameworks to use as a coach, such as powerful questions, visualization, appreciative inquiring, NLP, DISC, reframing…...yet I believe my best tool is being present, open and brave, living in the moment with you. 


What do colleagues say about Juni Yao?

Juni is a very resourceful colleague. Her creative mind, combined with the ability to execute ideas with determination, motivates others to perform better.

What is it like to work with Juni Yao?

 Working with Juni is a unique experience, she combines fun, excitement and achievement. Maybe you will have a good time, laugh, maybe you’ll cry. You’ll get what you need, be it support, comfort or a kick in the behind. You will have new ideas, try new things and become a new person eventually.  


Read more about what my clients have to say about working with me below and check out my latest blog post about some of my thoughts and experiences here!

Love bombs from my clients

Thien Vo (Vietnam)

General Manager of Resort Hotel Kymi villa

Juni’s coaching sessions were efficient every time and were very actionable. Juni helped, via homework which was designed and chosen by me, with putting my focus on my inner strength and unleashing my potential. In other words, Juni showed me how I can draw a map which leads to my goal. By following the map, achieving the present goal is just a matter of patience. Juni also gave out actionable tips on how to be patient as well when I really need the support. That’s a full package! Until now, while not coached by her anymore, I’m still using the techniques learned from Juni in many aspects of my career and personal relationships. Thank you Juni!!

Wang Chen (China)

CEO at Slush China

 Juni has first-hand successful personal experience. She has a multicultural and multilingual education background. She is also a successful serial entrepreneur, with a happy and harmonious family life. A coach has lived a beautiful, wonderful and successful life. What else is more convincing and infectious than this?
Juni has mature coaching skills and systems. Her style focuses on results and effectiveness, while also taking into account both psychological and spiritual growth. I have known her for over a decade, and I have seen her evolving along the way, combining solid business knowledge, rich life experience, NLP, business coaching, life coaching and meditation. It enables her Coachee to achieve their goals efficiently and grow as a whole person. Juni is an excellent coach. I strongly recommend.

Piia Kuosmanen (Finland)

Startup founder

"Juni is a considerate, dedicated coach who commits to helping you become a better version of yourself. She has given me just the right ratio of encouragement and ambitious goals to enable rapid growth in my financial skills, entrepreneurial courage and, yes, most of all, results. I would never have made it this far without her support."

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