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Growthroom is so much more than just our core team.

Here are some of our partners in growth:

Katriina Haikala


Katriina Haikala is an artist, facilitator and coach. For the past 10 years she has empowered and challenged individuals, communities and organizations to unleash their potential and become more creative and courageous. This power lady supports us in organizing team events and delivers some facilitation trainings for our clients.

Panda Training

Panda Training helps companies learn and change behavior at scale. They show that an investment in people and the future of the company is important, and help them make it an effective one. We offer micro-coaching services to Panda's clients and offer micro-coaching as an option to our own clients to deepen learning impact. 

Herve Tunga


Herve is a life coach whose mission is to help you make the best of your private and professional life. He is a learning experience expert who contributes in developing educational programs for individuals and organizational capacity building. Herve has always been a great promoter and supporter of Growthroom and is currently offering micro-coaching and life coaching to some of our clients.

AIknow Agency


AIknow Agency helps organizations, communities and individuals in creating lasting positive change and impact by offering them diverse production, consulting and coaching services. We do not only share our office space with AIknow, but as an original Growthroomer Aino Elina supports us with her broad expertise in business and impact and her passion for coaching.

Judit Osika


Judit is a career coach for teenagers and young adults, and a host of learning spaces about decision making, creativity and collaboration. Judit is our support super star in Hungary, organizing coaching workshops and co-organizing our International Coaching Certification course in Budapest. 


World Coaching Organization

World Coaching Organization organizes coaching courses for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in their current projects and teams or turn coaching into their profession. We have cooperated with WCO since 2012 in organizing International Coaching Certification courses in Finland and around Europe. 




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