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Heikkiläntie 10, 00210 Helsinki


Tel: +358 (0)45 675 3241

Email: contact@growthroom.fi

Business ID: 2478518-0


Kasvuhuone osuuskunta


Y-tunnus: 2478518-0


Verkkolaskutusosoite: 003724785180


Operaattori: OpusCapita Group Oy


Välittäjän tunnus: 003710948874

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Our network

Here are a few special instances we collaborate with in different projects:

Judit Osika

We offer transformational coaching for individuals who truly desire tangible results on the pursue of their personal, professional and/or business goals. 

Corporate Condition


We run several open coaching certification courses and workshops in some of Europe's biggest cities for people who are eager to learn how to use coaching in their private or work life, or to turn coaching into their profession.

Katriina Haikala

We train organizations and their key people to become outstanding in their expertise and leadership and more passionate about their personal development. 

Panda Training


Partnering in ...


"Our vision is a world where managers see a 10X return from investing in their people. That's why we help companies learn and change behavior, at scale. We show that an investment in people and the future of the company is important, and help them make it an effective one."





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