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Anna-Riikka Hautala

Coach, Trainer, MA

Anna-Riikka is Growthroom’s Master Coach, trainer, editor and service designer. She is mainly responsible for the coaching workshops and the marketing and practicalities of the International Coaching Certification courses.

Anna-Riikka is a freelance coach and a teacher. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and through different roles of a team leader and a project leader she found her passion in coaching in 2012. Since then Anna-Riikka has worked as a life coach and helped hundreds of people reach their dreams both professionally and personally. Her coachees say she is a creative, daring and empathetic coach. She is also a pro in training and facilitating groups! In addition to her managerial positions she has years of international experience in facilitation and training. You can probably recognize her from her broad smile and laughter. In her free time she loves being outdoors and creative - whether it is a hike in the mountains, snowboarding in the wild nature, walking in the forest, yoga on a porch or swimming in the lake.

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More about me

Pauliina Hallama



Trainer, Social Psychologist, Systemic Business Coach®, Systemic Team Coach®

Growthroom's network partner

Pauliina is Growthroom's former chairman of the board, training guru, coaching and training content producer and Master Coach. Nowadays she works at Generoi, one of Growthroom's partner companies, and is bringing World Coaching Organization on the world map.

"My mission is to create opportunities for people to grow and to discover the joy and power of high-quality interaction."

More about me



I am a social psychologist who through almost 20 years of training experience in different fields have found my way to extremely interesting assignments within organizational and personal development. As someone who is drawn to adventure I seem to end up further and further from my home country for both work assignments and leisure. I am a skilled and acclaimed trainer and facilitator with a special passion for coaching and coaching leadership. I am especially fascinated by the topics of growth mindset, leadership and self-leadership, and asking powerful questions as part of these. I am truly enjoying awakening and inspiring individuals and groups! In my “spare” time I am known to enjoy nature and experiment with my limits in the form of freediving.

What makes you light up?

Working with people and witnessing change happening around me. As my mission states, my work as I define it is about designing opportunities for people to grow. It is those moments of growth - when a coaching client stops to think about a thought-provoking question and realizes something new, when a course participant sends a message after the training about something that they see or think differently - that set me on fire. I love analyzing and reflecting about different phenomena, especially related to human interaction. No wonder I became a social psychologist! I love to learn new approaches, to develop myself and my skills and to challenge myself (sometimes to extreme levels).


How would you describe yourself as a coach and trainer?

Me as a Coach: I have always been curious about people, their stories, and different ways of living and understanding life. This makes me an impartial and compassionate companion and empathetic listener for the people I coach. And for a broad range of clients! My main aim as a coach is to work with powerful questions and mirroring, and I am constantly searching for better ways to challenge and support my clients. I am a true believer in people's potential, and I work through reflective conversation towards freeing this potential in the people I serve and support them in achieving amazing results. 


Me as a Trainer: Compared to my coach identity my trainer identity and presence is rather powerful and full of energy. I love to throw myself in, connect with different audiences and challenge people through questions (yes, my training has a serious touch of coaching in it!). I am a true believer in practical, creative, innovative and engaging methods in training, and against traditional lecturing and training methods that do not lead to change. Training is about influencing, and that is what I love to do - co-influencing with my learners!


What are you currently busy with?

I am currently working with individuals (coaching leaders and entrepreneurs in leadership and self-leadership-related topics), teams (supporting teams and leadership teams in growth through team facilitation and team coaching) and organizations (organizing coaching training for leaders and experts and in-house coaching certification training for e.g. agile coaches). I am lucky to get to work with a very diverse range of clients - from some of the biggest and most known companies in (and outside) Finland to very exciting smaller start-ups.


What do colleagues say about Pauliina?

Pauliina always drives for the best, and is very much into detail in everything she does - getting to know the clients and their needs, searching for the best way to build a service for them, planning the trainings, and delivering with care. She is someone you can fully trust in everything she does! She's also an excellent listener, always asking insightful questions! She really lives true to what she teaches others to do. 

What is it like to work with me?

Working with me is fun and professional at the same time, reflective and goal-oriented. And ideally life-changing! Read more about what my clients have to say about working with me below. And check out my blog post about some of my thoughts and experiences here!

Patrik Donders - Partner, Specsavers 

I was developing myself as a future mentor in the Specsavers company. Although the conversations went into another direction of the business, Pauliina always had an open mind and pointed me in the right direction to make the best decisions. My vision became more clear as to which path to take. If you're struggling in your role or want became a better leader, coach or mentor this is right environment for you. Thanks Pauliina!! 

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