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International coaching certification – more than a course

Often serious discussions were followed by moments of laughter. Study, work and relaxation alternated and soon one was completely immersed in the course without effort.

We constantly get asked what makes our course so special and why people love it so much. This is a beautiful review by one of our participants, Manuel, about our beloved international coaching course.

What is it that makes this course so special?

The international coaching certification course with Growthroom was a wonderful experience. Before starting I felt some butterflies in the stomach, I could see the people that would be part of my new learning group outside the classroom. And there I was ready to embark again in the ever-lasting adventure of knowing myself better and sharing that journey with many other people.

Manuel continues: When the doors finally opened, rhythmical music and the smiling face of Pauliina Hallama welcomed all of us in. Good news did not take long to come. Soon I learnt that all participants were already coaches, we just had not realized! We all had the basic skills to be good coaches, we just needed to perfect those tools to take coaching to the next level.

I loved many aspects of the course: the rhythm and energy with which Pauliina taught. She is an amazing communicator. I liked her and Anna-Riikka´s very humane approach to coaching. I also enjoyed very much the exercises that were presented to us. We started coaching straight away; so theory and practice were rather well-balanced. I felt immediately that I was learning a lot of new skills and concepts, and at the same time I was having a lot of fun. Often serious discussions were followed by moments of laughter. Study, work and relaxation alternated and soon one was completely immersed in the course without effort.

What did I take with me from the course?

Personally, the training was revealing for me. I remember so well all the people whose questions shed light on different aspects of my life. I learnt about my fear of intimacy, about my association of money with emotional security, about my forgotten dreams. I had so many wonderful insights that stayed with me long after the course had finished. I realised the power of simple questions, how they can pierce a chunk of reality that was previously hidden.

Even now when I remember the course I feel thankful to all those with whom I shared different exercises. I can recall how their present listening and enquiring helped me find answers to my own life and start taking action towards my happiness.

So… who should be taking this course?

I would recommend this course to anybody that is interested in personal growth. One learns practical tools to start managing his/her own life. At the same time, it is a great course if one wants to be a coach. Once the course was finished I felt ready to start coaching straight away. I think that is the best proof that the course works! To me, the training with Growthroom was more than a course. It was a life experience that I will always remember with a smile.

Written by Manuel Jimenez Fonseca

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