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Meet Juni, our coach and serial entrepreneur!

Meet Juni Yao, a life and business coach and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience from the business world. This lady is our power house and has the inspiring ability to make things happen. 

Moving to Finland from China at age 20, Juni started her studies in Bachelor of Business Administration. Before graduating from her Master’s degree in Economics, Juni started her first company and has ever since continued to develop her skills and knowledge as an entrepreneur.

Over the past 12 years she has successfully started, managed and sold two companies, created jobs for over 100 people and has built a real estate investment portfolio worth over 1 million euros. Yet she still has plenty of time to spend with family and friends and enjoy her hobbies such as salsa dancing, oil painting and taiji. Looking at Juni’s journey, it tells a story of courage and wisdom, starting from nothing, overcoming challenges and creating a new reality. 

After reaching financial freedom at age 35, Juni decided to “retire’’ in the sense of working for money. She wanted to redesign her life and career and create a life that’s true to her core values. A life that’s fun and meaningful, that benefits others. This is why she decided to join Growthroom and dedicate her time and energy to coaching. She believes that we are all creators of our own lives, and with the right mindset, skills and efforts, anyone can create a life they truly desire. As a coach, she can really make a difference in people’s lives. 

With a passion for learning, Juni has experienced the teachings of Masters from the East and the West, from business leaders to Buddist monks, from investment seminars to silent meditation retreats, from Shanghai to London. Despite her young age, Juni is an inspiring person who possesses both yin and yang energy, blends success with happiness, material abundance with spiritual curiosity, achievement with serendipity. 

All these make Juni a powerful coach, who is ready and excited to be your partner in action, fighting life’s hard battles, achieving career and personal goals, discovering your potential and unleashing your creative energy. Intrigued? Simply book a coaching session with her or pop her a message.

In this blog series we make you familiar with us and introduce you to our precious members-your personal growth agents. Up next will be Graham, a life coach, mentor and facilitator with a lifetime of experience in change management and project leadership, a passion for digitalisation and a drive to empower people to become their "best selves".


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