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Meet Pauliina, our chairman of the board and training and coaching guru!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

May we present: Growthroom’s chairman of the board, training guru, coaching and training content producer and master coach: Pauliina Hallama. This lady is a social psychologist and a skilled and acclaimed trainer and facilitator with a special passion for coaching and coaching leadership.

Pauliina has been instructing and training groups for the last 17 years - a number that astonishes even herself. “My professional life has been and is a journey! I started instructing groups of children and adults already in my teenage years when I became a swimming instructor. I loved it and received extremely good feedback, and was determined to become a teacher, but that dream got kicked aside by my interest towards social psychology and human behaviour in different contexts. However, looking at where I am now, I got both: training (teaching) groups of people around different topics related to human behaviour!”

Looking at the results of Pauliina’s work, they tell a story of passion, devotion and challenge. Despite her young age she has been working with some of the largest companies in Finland and supporting businesses and individuals both locally and internationally, all the way in the USA. “I love adventure and like to challenge myself. If you ask my friends and colleagues, they might say that I push my limits a bit too often perhaps. But it is my way of performing at my best.”

“I constantly surprise myself in what I do. I was never supposed to become an entrepreneur, but I ended up founding my own company and working as an entrepreneur even before graduating from university. Today it would take a hell of a job offer for me to be willing to exchange my freedom for working for someone else. It is so rewarding to see your own business growing and developing through the results and the impact of your hard work.”

Pauliina describes the last few years as critical regarding her career and professional (and personal) growth. “A lot has shifted in the last few years. First of all, I let go of the first company that I represented and decided to shift my focus entirely to coaching and training around coaching, communication and influencing. This has given me the chance to focus on some extremely rewarding and exciting projects. Secondly, I invested a lot of focus and effort into becoming a better coach myself. I am really starting to learn to challenge my clients in their thinking, and am better able to train others in developing their coaching skills. As a lover of learning, I have also taken on the challenge of coaching teams on a professional level - one of the much needed areas of expertise of the near future.”

This lady is full of surprises, and here is one thing that she reveals about herself: “I used to talk a lot about my freediving hobby, but what many people do not know about me is my passion for tea. I have been studying the history and different types of tea for quite a while now, and one of my bucket list items is to go to China or Japan to study tea for a while.”

Pauliina works with leaders, entrepreneurs and teams who are willing and eager to level things up. She loves to work with organizations and professionals that are not afraid of throwing themselves in, learning new ways of being and doing things, and being challenged with a mindset of curiosity and growth. Simply book a coaching session with her or pop her a message.

In this blog series we make you familiar with us and introduce you to our precious members - your personal growth agents. Up next will be Inka, a coach and change expert who represents some fresh blood, young spirit and guts in Growthroom!


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