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Meet Ulla, one of our original founders!

Ulla Tirronen is a trainer and a facilitator, though maybe mostly a developer and an overly excited person in trying to create new concepts.

Ulla has over 10 years experience of the training sector and +5 more if you add all the volunteer training and coaching she’s been doing in NGOs.

Ulla has a passion for online services: if you can make it digital, the better. Though there are "some" gaps in this expertise, as she shamingly admits that she only just now got the hang of her Google Home mini which she bought already 2 years ago. But now that it's working, she's loving using it!

Ulla is one of the original members to found Growthroom. Growthroom has gone through a lot of different things since then in these past 8 years. Originally the name was SYY Akatemia cooperative and the main focus was on training new social entrepreneurs in their early stages. Kasvuhuone was among the first impact enterprises in Finland with the mission to maximize the good in the world - for customers, employees, business partners and the public at large. These values are still in the heart of our business today; the scope of what we do is just bigger and bolder than before.

Growthroom has been a safe place to try out new things for me: new technologies, new concepts, new target groups. I’m extremely proud of GrowthLab, a concept that has now been polished into its glory and will be one of Growthroom’s demonstrations of bravely trying out new ways and things.

Ulla is excited to help you deliver your trainings in a different way (especially digitally) or to help you facilitate an online learning event.

In this blog series we have made you familiar with us and introduce you to our precious members-your personal growth agents.


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