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Networking and knowledge – Platform for social entrepreneurship in Action

Social Enterprise Support Network of the Baltic Sea - an impressive knowledge base and network for social impact creation in the Nordic-Baltic area.

Social Enterprise Support Network of the Baltic Sea has built an extensive knowledge base and networking platform over the last couple of years. The platform is a collection of useful resources for anyone aiming to learn and share knowledge on Social Enterprises and social impact. The platform is actively present also in Facebook with almost 2400 followers already. In case you’d like to see videos about social entrepreneurship, our Youtube channel is the place to go.

In April 2020 our database consists of over 400 social enterprises and 65 support organizations that you can browse through and find suitable partners for your impact work. We encourage you to enlist your own social enterprise or support organization in the site as well and improve your possibility to be found for international cooperation possibilities.

As all new articles published in different sections of the platform appear also in the Blog section, that’s the place to visit regularly. Tips and interesting stories about impact and business models are to be found also by browsing through the library of successful business models, impact measurement methodologies and other educational materials.

As we’ve built the platform over the last couple of years and always aim to improve, we also wanted to ask our network of social enterprises, adult learners and public sector partners what they think about it. Here’s what our Finnish audience have said in the feedback survey (update: april 2020):

  • Over 80% of the responders find the platform to be a useful for learning new information, finding new contacts, learning about social entrepreneurship news and events.

  • The most useful/interesting parts in the platform are those with access to information about other organizations working to enhance social entrepreneurship / impact

  • Platform is found rather functional - however it could still be improved to better enable concrete action towards impact.

"This is a good start to enhance networking, knowledge-sharing and co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region regarding social enterprises." - Platform user

The work continues - social entrepreneurship is needed in today's world as much - and maybe even more - than ever. Wellcome to learn and share - and take action towards impact!

Funded by: Erasmus+


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