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Proudly introducing: GrowthLab!

We are proud to introduce to you a concept we have created called GrowthLab.

GrowthLab is a co-created learning environment where you can interact and learn from the experiences of our coaches. We scan the market and curate the most useful practices and interesting new information from the coaching and personal development market, and share with you what has worked for us. Co-creation also means that you also learn from the experiences of other workshop participants, which is why we aim to create GrowthLab sessions that are as engaging as possible.

GrowthLab workshops are a place for us to experiment and test new ideas. We facilitate learning experiences and growth, with and for you. GrowthLab is all about having an agile and growth mindset and challenging the participants to step outside their comfort zones. Our aim is to provide creative, empowering and thought-provoking learning experiences for the participants. GrowthLab is made for those who want to achieve personal growth and to challenge themselves in a safe environment supported by us.

Our goal for GrowthLab is to create a community for the change agents and curious learners out there and to bring together like-minded people who want to learn more about coaching and the coaching mindset. The values behind this series of workshops are “creativity”, “being courageous and open to new ideas”,” encouraging each other”, “facilitating growth”, ”creating together” and “providing holistic experiences” – so not just a package of useful information but creating value through versatile experiences. 

In order to get the access to the facilitated group learning experiences, the entry fee for each workshop is 20 euros. Check out our upcoming workshops from here

Best wishes,

Team Growthroom


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