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Business coaching discussion between two people seated
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Business ​and leadership coaching 

When you want to empower people to unlock their potential and to thrive. We are growth agents assuming a unique role: unbiased and interested in helping people achieve their personal goals in the context of their business.

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Team development and events 


When developing individuals in a complex and systemic world is not enough. We coach all kinds of teams to perform better and organize engaging and exciting events for up to several hundred people.

two rows of people facing each other and touching hands as part of a Team development and events activity

Leadership and coaching training

When you want to support your key people to develop themselves, their leadership and their impact. We help organizations and their key players (ranging from top management and experts to employees) become outstanding leaders.

view from above of a teaching environment conducted as part of coaching training
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A person leading a discussion around coaching and leadership training

Trainer and facilitator training

When you want your people to shine on stage and deliver impact. Our master trainers and facilitators share their knowledge and passion with professionals and professionals-to-be in a way that gets them going.

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International Coaching Certification (in-house course)


When you want to offer people the ultimate training experience and take their coaching and interaction skills to a whole new level. Our International Coaching Certification course has been designed by World Coaching Organization and organized and delivered by us since 2012.

all participants from a past International Coaching Certification course showing the results from a coaching exercise
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