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Corporate Training and Coaching

Specsavers logo.png

Specsavers is the world's largest private concern in the optical field and the third largest optical chain.


Up until today we have been supporting Specsavers's Partners-to-be, Partners, Partner Mentors, Trainers and other professionals in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands as a trusted partner through delivering coaching skills training, mentor training, trainer training and other customized training and coaching programs. 

Corp. training and coaching

Gualapack is the world leader in pre-made spouted pouches and a global player in the flexible packaging industry. 


Growthroom introduced the management team of the Gualapack Nadab site to coaching skills to support their growth mindset and interaction skills with employees and with each other. 


Huld is a European house of technology design experts.


Growthroom has supported both previous design agency RD Velho's and the software development company Space System Finland's (both merged to form Huld in 2019) leaders in developing their coaching skills. In fact, every SSF leader has attended our full coaching certification course. In 2020 we are supporting Huld Leaders in mastering coaching leadership through a custom-made training program.


Growthroom provided us with an introduction to coaching mindset in a custom training. Trainers in OM specialist training are active and engaged in coaching in the workplace and we wished to offer them some new insights in coaching. The training was fit for purpose.


Rea Lagerstedt

Specialist physician training in occupational medicine (OM),

The University of Helsinki

Quote from Regional Director, KONE

The impulse to organize a coaching workshop with Pauliina to my team and their teams came from our own annual people survey. Our employees wished development on leadership skills, which was quite an expected outcome, as we had just added a new layer to the organization and had ~20 new leaders in their new roles. [Continues on next slide...]


Jukka Joutsenkoski

Regional Director North Germany, KONE

Coaching Cert. Course

Coaching Certification Training

Logo WCO transp.png

Coaching Certification (open)

We have been organizing the International Coaching Certification course in Finland and around Europe - now also online - since 2014. Our workshops and courses are for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in different areas of their life, in their current projects, or to turn coaching into their profession. Feedback from this course is generally nothing less than that it changes lives!


Check out feedback from our on-demand coaching certification trainings below!

Coaching Certification (in-house)

Growthroom has been supporting several companies, including this corporation in the financial sector, by providing on-demand in-house International Coaching Certification courses to support e.g. professionals in support roles to develop their skillset further. Overall, over 200 participants have participated in the 50+-hour training (from which approx. 30 hours are organized face-to-face).


Here is some feedback from our most recent training (of over 60 participants):

talentadore logo.png

TalentAdore is a global HR technology company with a mission to bring the human touch back to recruitment and be the best talent engagement solution provider in the world.

Most of the employees in TalentAdore have participated in our coaching certification at some point in their careers. 

Talentadore is not the only company that has sent most of their staff to our course, some other companies are Space Systems and Finders Seekers.

Team coaching and events

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fise logo.png

Finders Seekers is an IT-recruiting and employer branding company.


This recruitment team was looking for an inspiring kick-off to their new year together, and we managed to deliver that with an overall satisfaction of the team members of 10/10. 

Case children's home

Growthroom supported this team from a children's home in recognizing each other's strengths and being able to cooperate and communicate efficiently towards their common goals by organizing a one-day team coaching day as part of the team's get-away weekend. 

Case Amazing Race

Growthroom supported one of Finland's Top Companies by organizing a team event for its sustainability unit with 100 employees. The goal of the day was to bring people together outdoors and provide fun, thought-provoking and inspiring team building activities. Based on the feedback the event exceeded all the expectations and was a success.

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