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Growthroom is proud to be working with many exciting and some of most well-known companies not only in Finland, but around the globe.

Here are some greetings from a few of them:

Specsavers, Mark Parr

Senior Learning and Development Manager

I was quite specific about what development my team members really wanted / needed and also how I would like our organization to evolve in the future as a result of this learning experience.

Growthroom delivered a high quality, professional and engaging event that suited our needs around day-to-day business coaching and delivery of coaching training with other business leaders.

The tools they used were simple to understand and the way in which the trainer communicated was very clear to understand and extremely engaging.


Gualapac, Radu Nadapan

 Quality Assurance Assistant 

From my point of view this course was ”WOW”, especially if I think about the fact that this was my first course of this type.


What I liked most was the fact that everything was clear and concise, and the fact that the explanations were just right.


The part I resonated with the most was related to the characteristics that a good coach has.


The last thing that I want to mention is the fact that I realized the difference between a coach and a trainer, because I thought they were the same thing.

RDVelho, Kira Anttila 

HR Specialist  

Growthroom organized an engaging and interesting leadership training on coaching.


A team of engineer-focused supervisors listened to the performers and the topic with interest, and several different exercises helped with learning.


With good advance planning and situational awareness, the training was created to fit our needs and management culture.


I can warmly recommend similar training as well as Growthroom to anyone who wants to develop themselves and their organization.

Talent Adore, Saku Valkama


If Growthroom makes anything new, it must be interesting and high quality.

We have had majority of our organization attending their coaching courses.

They make miracles.

Could this be you?

Let's create an amazing  learning experience together for your organization or your team. 

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