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Anna-Riikka Hautala

Coach, Trainer, MA

Anna-Riikka is Growthroom’s Master Coach, trainer, editor and service designer. She is mainly responsible for the coaching workshops and the marketing and practicalities of the International Coaching Certification courses.

Anna-Riikka is a freelance coach and a teacher. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and through different roles of a team leader and a project leader she found her passion in coaching in 2012. Since then Anna-Riikka has worked as a life coach and helped hundreds of people reach their dreams both professionally and personally. Her coachees say she is a creative, daring and empathetic coach. She is also a pro in training and facilitating groups! In addition to her managerial positions she has years of international experience in facilitation and training. You can probably recognize her from her broad smile and laughter. In her free time she loves being outdoors and creative - whether it is a hike in the mountains, snowboarding in the wild nature, walking in the forest, yoga on a porch or swimming in the lake.

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+358 (0) 45 675 3241

More about me


Trainer, Facilitator, M.Sc. (Admin.)

Ulla  is the great digi-nerd and online training professional. Ulla loves also things that other people don't find that lovable: her great passion is to make administration appreciated by others, too. 

Ulla is responsible especially of online trainings and digital products.

"My mission is to change the world one pixel at  a time."

More about me


I’m a training professionalist and especially focused on online training. I’m always looking for new tools and methods to organise trainings or new ways to facilitate. I have studied administrative sciences and I’m also qualified to be aheadmaster. I’m experienced in developing further Finnish municipalities and social entreprenership. I’m specialized in creating trainings and courses online in different forms and facilitating online trainings. I’m calm but possessed with a certain vision: changing the world by one pixel at a time. 

What makes you light up?

I get excited about creating something new. If there's a possibility of trying something that hasn't been tried before, I have a real difficulty of saying no to the possibility. I also get excited once you I've tried something that I believe is original and useful for others as well, and someone buys the product. 



How would you describe yourself as a trainer?

I want to plan my trainings to fit to the audience at hand, meaning every training is different. I get obsessed of who will be sitting at the audience (or for me normally: behind the screen) and what to they actually need to get out of my training.



What do your colleagues say about Ulla?

Ulla is someone who strives for getting things done and results out there in the world. But not only that: she is pure power combined with amazingly creative thinking and being! In short: she is lots of fun to work with.


What is it like to work with me?

Be ready to have fun, give your best, be challenged and challenge me back! 

Contact me

+358 (0) 50 344 0805

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