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Heikkiläntie 10, 00210 Helsinki


Tel: +358 (0)45 675 3241

Email: contact@growthroom.fi

Business ID: 2478518-0


Kasvuhuone osuuskunta


Y-tunnus: 2478518-0


Verkkolaskutusosoite: 003724785180


Operaattori: OpusCapita Group Oy


Välittäjän tunnus: 003710948874

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Have you taken quite some time to get your materials together? No worries, we know that good things are born with time. If you finished your International Coaching Certification course over 6 months ago, you can still get certified by World Coaching Organization.

At the purchase, please let us know which course you did and share with us the link to your materials (or do that separately at certifications@worldcoaching.com). We will get back to you and certify you as usual: within one month upon the arrival of your materials.

NOTE: If you have completed the materials and send them to us within 6 months, the certification is included in the course fee.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at certifications@worldcoaching.com!

Extra certification fee (for late certifications)