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Grow as an individual

For when you want to empower people to unlock their potential and to thrive.
We are growth agents assuming a unique role: unbiased and interested in helping people achieve their personal goals in the context of their business.

Did you know that coaching is one of the most effective ways to help people grow? Everyone needs a coach! Coaching is a process that aims at developing, challenging, supporting and empowering people both personally and professionally. Our team of coaches delivers in-depth and transformational coaching processes within the context of your organization, either as external coaches or in-house resident coaches. more...

  • One-on-one coaching supports employees in developing a growth mindset. We use powerful questions, reflective inquiry and coaching tools to accelerate their personal and professional development.

  • Micro-coaching is a recommended sustainability tool after a training or other change initiatives in order to foster participants’ continuous learning and development. It is a process that supports individuals through regular and concise text-based or face-to-face coaching conversations.

  • Group coaching leverages the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals working on a common theme but working towards individual goals. The coach facilitates the individuals' growth and learning, making the best out of collective group experience.


Grow as a team

  • Team coaching is a process where the team regularly pauses - assisted by one or two certified team coaches - totackle topics related to its functioning in order to move forward towards its goals.

  • Team facilitation addresses specific topics such as the team’s vision, purpose and team building and is a great way to boost the team’s performance and motivation to the next level.

  • Tailor-made team events can bring even bigger groups of teams together to engage in activities that promote a good team spirit, build trust and develop active participation in organizational change.

For when developing individuals in a complex and systemic world is not enough. We coach all kinds of teams to perform better and organize engaging and exciting events for up to several hundred people.

The business world is getting increasingly organized in teams, which means that many recurring issues in working can only be effectively solved at a team level. We support teams in collaborating and performing effectively by addressing what matters to them most. more...


Grow as an organisation

For when you want to support your key people in growing and want to offer them impactful learning and development experiences that they will remember. We are experts in delivering high-quality, thought-provoking and engaging trainings, from a 2-hour workshop to 3-day trainings with a strong pedagogical and coaching foundation.

Leadership and coaching training

For when you want to support your key people to develop themselves, their leadership and their impact. We help organizations and their key players (ranging from top management and experts to employees) become outstanding leaders.

Working in increasingly self-driven environments, professionals on all levels are required to develop and take ownership of their self-leadership and leadership skills. We partner with our clients to enable their leaders and professionals to recognize the full potential of their team members and to create an environment where they are not afraid to challenge and support each other to perform better:


  • Coaching skills training introduces participants to hands-on coaching and interaction models that are easy to remember and to use in any context. Participants understand the key principles of coaching, adopt a coaching mindset and take steps to apply it in their everyday life.

  • Coaching certification training brings the participants’ understanding and coaching skills to the next level, either through participating in our open coaching certification course or through tailor-made in-house certification training (see International Coaching Certification course (add internal link to page 8) for more information).

  • Tailored leadership and communication training digs into topics that your key people need in order to interact at their best: e.g., working with feedback, challenging conversations, presentation skills and mentoring/advising skills.

Train the Trainer and facilitation training

  • Trainer training that deepens the learner’s skills in both training design and delivery.

  • Facilitator training that gives the mindset, tools and skills for any professional or leader to facilitate groups towards desired outcomes.

When you want your people to shine
on stage and deliver impact.
 Our master trainers and facilitators share their knowledge and passion with professionals and professionals-to-be in a way that gets them going.


As the need for continuous learning arises in organizations, so does the volume of knowledge and experts that others can learn from. We know that there are many people in the world who are just missing the right tools and confidence to step on stage and deliver powerful learning experiences. Thus, we support professionals in becoming real influencers through: more...




For when you want to offer people the ultimate training experience and take their coaching skills to a whole new level. Our International Coaching Certification course has been designed by World Coaching Organization and organized and delivered by us since 2012.

Coaching skills have become increasingly popular in the workplace and are a crucial addition to any professional’s toolbox. Teachers, sales professionals, university professors, actors, pharmacists, doctors, designers, agile coaches, engineers, leaders and so many more have joined our courses so far. Anyone can afford to master the best coaching tools and apply them in managing their team, increasing professional results and having a greater capacity to help others. more...

During the certification training, participants:

  • Learn a variety of skills and techniques to take on the role of a coach formally and informally.


  • Learn to interact more effectively through theory and practice that will support their understanding of others.


  • Get to know themselves better. Participants have an opportunity to reflect on their values and beliefs with the help of others.

  • Get significant opportunities to practice coaching techniques to make it easy to transition to coaching afterward. According to our course participants – even the ones that already have a coaching background – it is our practical approach that adds a great deal of value to this course when compared with others.


For when you need more than just a training and want the results to last. We help you identify your coaching or training needs and define concrete outcomes in order to deliver a tailored solution to you.

The most sustainable changes happen as a result of continuous effort and practice, where the learned topics become a part of everyday being and doing. Our core team together with our broad partner network are used to adapting and creating services through combining powerful methods that generate the best learning results. Here are a few examples of tailor-made programs that we have delivered for our clients:

Leadership culture workshop
  • for management team (0,5 day)

  • From leading things to leading people

Coaching leadership training
  • on different levels of organization (2 days)

Leadership development workshop
  • on different levels of organization (0,5 day)

  • Using Coaching Leadership Pulse® survey to support development

  • Implementing sparring partner system to promote sustainability

Individual and group coaching
  • to support leaders in their transformation

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