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Meet Graham, our transformation coach, business mentor and facilitator!

Graham Honeywill is a Life Coach: a transformation coach, career coach, business mentor and facilitator with over 45 years’ experience in corporate life, participating, leading and steering in major change initiatives, often involving technology-driven transformation. He also has over 5 years’ experience as a life coach, delivering life coaching services across countries and continents.

Graham’s life and career has spanned the globe, having lived in three countries, in three cultures: in the UK, in Australia and in Finland. His coaching is grounded in a lifetime of experience.

“Every day I learn more about myself, managing my weaknesses and limiting beliefs, using my core strengths to live a life of happiness and purpose, built from love, humility, resourcefulness, independence, creativity and balance “.

Since 2009 he has managed his own consultancy business, based in Finland and delivering change management, digitalisation and project leadership services to Nordic businesses while also providing Life Coaching services to individuals across the globe.

His passion is to help solve the world’s challenges by “empowering people and teams to take responsibility for their future and the future of the world, to help them grow, fulfil their dreams and find their true vocation in the world, now and for the future.” He has a vision of a world that has successfully navigated the information technology revolution to a place of abundance – prosperity for all, where global warming and environmental disasters are topics of the past, where people live in health and harmony with the environment and each other.

He believes that current and emerging technologies contain the foundation for this place of prosperity, driven by the resilience and creativity of the human race to adapt and to grow. 

However, he states that for many people this transition will not be easy – they will need support.

This leads to his “why”: 

"To enable personal transformations that can support one or some of the UN sustainability goals for 2030." 

Which leads to his “just cause”:

"A world in balance, fuelled by empowered individuals"

And his “how”: 

"Utilising my experiences and skills of coaching, mentoring and facilitation to empower people to take responsibility for their life journeys."

Graham is excited to help you balance and transform your life. Intrigued? Simply book a coaching session with him or pop him a message.

In this blog series we make you familiar with us and introduce you to our precious members-your personal growth agents. Up next will be Ulla, an amazing trainer, co-founder of Growthroom and digi-enthusiast.


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