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Anna-Riikka Hautala

Valmentaja, valmentaja, MA

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Anna-Riikka Hautala



Coach, facilitator, MA

Anna-Riikka is Growthroom’s Master Coach, trainer and service designer. She is responsible for the coaching workshops and the marketing and practicalities of the International Coaching Certification courses.

"My mission is to work with my coachees to get them to wake up to a world of possibilities."

More about me



Anna-Riikka is a freelance coach and a teacher. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and through different roles of a team leader and a project manager, she found her passion in coaching in 2012. Since then Anna-Riikka has worked as a life coach and helped hundreds of people reach their dreams both professionally and personally. Her coachees say she is a creative, daring and empathetic coach. She is also a pro in training and facilitating groups. In addition to her leadership positions, she has years of international experience in facilitation and training. You can probably recognize her from her broad smile and laughter. In her free time, she loves being outdoors and creative, whether it is a hike in the mountains, snowboarding in the wild nature, yoga or swimming.


What makes you light up?​

Dreams. I have a bold vision of where I want to be when I turn 40. I am 35 now and I have walked this path of being a freelance coach since 2014. That is when I left my corporate project management job that was not fulfilling anymore. The best feedback I got during that job is that I am good with people. That stuck with me. When I turned 30 I thought it is now or never to start a new career and pursue one of my dreams of becoming creative and self-employed. I know I am feeling well when I can dream. It always brings a smile to my face when I sense opportunities instead of obstacles. I also light up when I get to spend quality time with my husband, my kid or my girlfriends. When I have a day and enough free capacity I can devote myself to learning new things, reading a brilliant fiction book, going and enjoying snowboarding, practising yoga, going to an art gallery or merging into writing and self-expression.



How would you describe yourself as a coach?

I am genuinely curious and I deeply listen to my clients. I am also a firm believer in positive feedback. It is easy for me to see the beauty in my clients - everyone has got their talents and strengths - every person is a diamond. This is something I learnt the hard way and struggled with for quite some time - and still, sometimes the fear gets on my way - who am I to do amazing things? I love that I get to work with my coachees to get them to wake up to a world of possibilities and then act upon that understanding. It is important for me to stay open, curious and be able to push the boundaries when needed - coaching is not a bandage, but a way to get down to the real stuff - which includes the good and bad. I love to work with polarities, questions, metaphors and creative things. I want to co-create a space where you can listen to yourself and connect with what is important in the now because for me that has been a key to many breakthrough moments in career and life.



What do colleagues say about Anna-Riikka?

Working with Aksu is like taking a ride in an amusement park. Be ready for some great fun and creativity while reaching up for the sky and getting high. She has a great power to guide people through insightful conversations; loving, honest and open in her being. Not afraid to get to the core of things! 


What is it like to work with Anna-Riikka?

Be ready to have fun, give your best, be challenged and challenge me back! Read more about what my clients have to say about working with me below.

Love bombs from my clients

Adler Looks Jorge  

Design Thinking Facilitator

Anna-Riikka is wonderful! She really understood my situation and carefully asked well crafted questions at the right time. Answering was like a A-HA moment and seeing the world in a much clear way. Powerful! She inspires and delivers! I’ve hired her twice and I look forward to do it again with a new challenge.

Sofia Pohls

CEO of Finders Seekers

Anna-Riikka was the most natural, genuine and professional coach that I have met. She was very attentive to my needs and it truly felt like she was putting a lot of effort into designing our sessions to help me to move forward. Working with Anna-Riikka was easy and natural, besides which I felt comfortable sharing things with her in confidence. During these couple of months, Anna-Riikka helped me to see things from a new perspective, to re-evaluate my values and to bring clarity to my mind. She definitely had the right, and meaningful, questions to help me to go forward!

Giulia Dulcis Dolcino

Business Analyst

Anna-Riikka was my first coach and she introduced me to a whole new level of discussion with myself. Back then I was at the end of graduate school, with quite a low self-esteem and doubtful about what to do with my life. Anna-Riikka was not only a good listener and made me feel comfortable to open up, but she genuinely looked at me as if everything I was talking about was marvellous. She made me appreciate my life again, gave me inner strength and helped me bring clarify what are my core values. We worked together towards an objective that I reached thanks to her straight-to-the-point and daring questions. 

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