Anna-Riikka Hautala

Coach, Trainer, MA

Anna-Riikka is Growthroom’s Master Coach, trainer, editor and service designer. She is mainly responsible for the coaching workshops and the marketing and practicalities of the International Coaching Certification courses.

Anna-Riikka is a freelance coach and a teacher. She has a master’s degree in linguistics and through different roles of a team leader and a project leader she found her passion in coaching in 2012. Since then Anna-Riikka has worked as a life coach and helped hundreds of people reach their dreams both professionally and personally. Her coachees say she is a creative, daring and empathetic coach. She is also a pro in training and facilitating groups! In addition to her managerial positions she has years of international experience in facilitation and training. You can probably recognize her from her broad smile and laughter. In her free time she loves being outdoors and creative - whether it is a hike in the mountains, snowboarding in the wild nature, walking in the forest, yoga on a porch or swimming in the lake.

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Coach, Growth Agent

Inka is an ICF Certified Business Coach specializing in change support. Her strengths derive from her international work experience and a background in the corporate training industry.

Inka works with people and organizations who want to achieve growth and lasting change and who are willing to challenge themselves into thinking in new ways. 

"Even Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them! As we say at Growthroom, there is always room for growth."

+358 (0) 443051192

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My background comes from a change support specialist's role at business coaching and sales company. I have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, and I have gained international work experience in my career. I found my passion towards coaching originally from digging into the potential of my colleagues: one of them noticed my potential and suggested me to train myself as a certified coach, and that is how the journey began for me.


In my free time I enjoy music and playing the piano, movies and exercising in various ways. I originate from the countryside of Finland where I go to rest my mind and body regularly.

What makes you light up?

When people have the courage to be original and true to themselves. That is when they thrive in their professional and personal lives. In addition to that, seeing growth and progress is something that really excites me. I think that growing, evolving, expanding, learning and bonding is what we are born here to do. We just sometimes need to be reminded of the most important things for us.


How would you describe yourself as a coach?

I am curious, exciting and a hands-on type of coach. I have a creative way of thinking and I am an attentive listener. I tend to see opportunities and possibilities in situations and people I encounter with, and I feel like that gets transmitted to the people I coach. My superpower is motivating people and teams into working towards the goal or solving the problem. When working with a team, I make everyone in the group feel acknowledged and encourage each person to participate in the work.


What do your colleagues say about Inka?

Inka adds a spark of light in the room and the things she works with. She is a curious person and coach who is constantly hungry to learn more!


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