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Discover and develop through impactful conversations

Did you know that coaching is one of the most effective ways to help people grow? Everyone needs a coach! Coaching is a process that aims at developing, challenging, supporting and empowering people both personally and professionally. 


When you want to empower people to unlock their potential and to thrive, our team of coaches, from various backgrounds and different focus areas, are ready to deliver in-depth and transformational coaching processes within the context of your organization, either as external coaches or in-house resident coaches. We are growth agents assuming a unique role: unbiased and interested in helping people achieve their personal goals in the context of their business. Here is how we support people in their professional and personal growth:


    supports leaders, professionals and employees in developing a growth mindset. We use powerful questions, reflective inquiry and coaching tools to accelerate their personal and professional development.



    This is what it can look like: 

    • One-on-one coaching process: 5-10 sessions of approximately 1 hour each

    • In-house resident coaching: 1 day/week over 3 months


    is a recommended sustainability tool after training or other change initiatives, in order to foster participants’ continuous learning and development. It is a process that supports individuals through regular and concise text-based or face-to-face coaching conversations.


    This is what it can look like: 

    • 30 minutes coaching /week/person over a defined time, online face-to-face or chat


    leverages the resources and knowledge of a group of individuals working on a common theme but working towards individual goals. The coach facilitates the individuals' growth and learning, making the best out of collective group experience.

    This is what it can look like: 

    • From 1 to 2 hours/session for a group of up to 8 people, up to 5 sessions

Find your coach & growth expert directly here:

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