Participants from a recent Internationl Coaching Certification training, showing the results of a coaching exercise


Learn to coach yourself and others.

Delivered and organized by Growthroom, designed by World Coaching Organization! 


Our passion is to organize coaching courses and workshops around the world for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in different areas of their life, in their current projects, or to turn coaching into their profession.


After this coaching certification course you will be able to help people as an internationally certified coach in achieving sustainable results by applying the coaching approach and toolbox either formally as a professional coach, or informally with anyone you meet or work. And with yourself, of course. Have a look at the course in more detail here:

What makes this course innovative and different?


We believe that coaching belongs to everyone, and thus our courses are low-cost. Both time and money-wise, to assure that anyone can join at any time. In addition to the intensive 30-hour course weekend in the classroom, you will gain access to our online resources that you can keep studying at your own pace after the course.  


Expect to be blown away by the content and our world-class trainers. You will leave the course inspired and excited, with easy-to-apply tools in your toolbox. What makes the course so impactful is that it is full of practice - 40% of it consists of you actually doing and learning things. As a result, you will feel confident running a full coaching conversation on Monday morning after the course.


Last but not least, be prepared to go after your dreams and to find yourself in more meaningful and deep relationships after the course. The course is simultaneously a personal development training that will raise your self-awareness and boost your relationship with yourself plus the people around you.​ We guarantee you one of the best - if not the best - training experiences you have ever had in your life.

Who is this course designed for?


It is designed for anyone who wants an efficient and high-quality kick-start into building a profession out of coaching, and at the same time, it is for all those people and professionals who want to apply more powerful tools in their everyday lives.

Teachers, sales professionals, university professors, actors, pharmacists, doctors, designers, agile coaches, engineers, leaders and so many more have joined our course so far! 

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Read about our participants' experiences:

Tommi Pollari

If you have ever been interested in developing yourself, understanding yourself or helping others to help themselves, this is worth every penny. World-class trainers teaching you the skills to coach yourself and others is valuable whether in relationships or at the work place. Big thumbs up!

Anna Lönnroth

This course literally changed my life! I am now working as a Coach, training and coaching organizations. Without the inspirational training from Aksu and Pauliina, I would not be here! I am now more than satisfied with my life. So, I highly recommend the course but I also warn you: be prepared, your life might change in most drastic way!

Saila Kokkonen

Inspiring, engaging, practical, and so much fun! In addition to providing an introduction to coaching tools to use both professionally and personally, the WCO course drastically improved the way I view human communication and interaction overall. Thank you for a jump start on my way to a new mindset! Full recommendation for anyone, really.

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