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Why coaching and training matter to me: a tribute to a successful spring

I was sitting around a table with a bunch of other social psychologists last week, and we all started sharing on a deeper level what's up in our lives. Without thinking too much I started listing things that I am grateful for in life at the moment. One of those things was to be able to do what I love to do and what I am passionate about, and that working with my current projects "sets me on fire".

One of the listeners asked what it is in particular that sets me on fire (which is a great question by the way). My mind immediately scrolled through all projects and experiences from this spring and was looking for the common factor: coaching certification courses; coaching, leadership and trainer trainings; business and life coaching processes just to mention a few. And the answer was clear. What sets me on fire is to see clicking. Clicking is a moment or a period of time when a person starts to see things - and often, as a result, the world - differently. They realize something that they have not realized before, and this understanding changes their life. If not radically and forever then at least a hint and for a meaningful while.

It is probably not a coincidence that just a few hours earlier I was finishing a training in safety leadership (a part of my old professional life) when one of the course members who had to leave earlier asked in front of the group if she could give us (the trainers) some feedback. She looked at us seemingly touched and said that these had been the best two training days of her career and that she will definitely remember them. Some clicking had happened.

An then my old coaching client shared her testimonial with me: "Pauliina's business coaching gave me a lot of tools to guide myself and my company. In her skillful guidance I achieved a right direction for my entrepreneurship and great results. Some of the best things in our meetings with Pauliina were her commitment to the process and her deep presence. Pauliina's unobtrusive attention during our meetings was top-notch, I felt myself understood and she even made me understand myself better. She also thought of me outside of our meetings, which was a great surprise. Asking how things were going every now and then before our next meeting made me feel even more seen and heard and gave me the impression that she delves thoroughly into each coachee's case.

It was also important how Pauliina believed in my dreams and led them into goals. Things that seemed utopian or too ambitious in my own head were actually fully welcomed and accepted. Pauliina took them as real and by writing everything down made me feel even stunned. Can I really make my dreams come true today and can it really be so clear and consistent? Another fantastic experience were the business results that speak for themselves. Through Pauliina's coaching I made a bigger profit than ever before as an entrepreneur. Alone I would have crawled and possibly given up. Now I rigorously took steps that had come to my mind during our meetings towards pursuing my objective. It was impossible to slip, because the plan made together was realistic and sequenced. Coaching was also fun! Pauliina has a very pleasant being that transmits peace, clarity and presence. Our meetings also involved laughter and joy. I can sincerely recommend Pauliina's coaching!". And all this after a short 5-time process.

So, to give you the answer this is what sets me on fire. We've got some cool stuff coming up after the summer, so don't miss it!

Wishing you a great summer,



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